Welcome To B:DAT

Partnership Working – Bedfordshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team (B:DAT) is responsible for co-ordinating all drug and alcohol related work in Bedfordshire. DAT’s were established as multi agency groups with the responsibility for the delivery of national strategies at local level.

bdat teamB:DAT is the strategic body for Bedfordshire. This group comprises of multi agency partners, senior staff from the main organisations in the County, involved in tackling drug and alcohol issues: Central Bedfordshire and Bedford Borough (including Education and Social Care and Health); Bedfordshire NHS Primary Care Trusts; South Essex Partnership Trust (SEPT) NHS; Community Safety Partnership, Police; Probation; District Councils; HM Prison Service; Housing providers and representatives of local services.

Together they devise, implement and deliver substance misuse annual action plans, which set out the County’s strategy and targets for the year, this focuses on areas set out in the Government’s National Strategies.

B:DAT also responds to local issues and works in partnership with the named organisations, as well as local communities, to create a healthier, safer Bedfordshire.

B:DAT covers Bedfordshire, excluding Luton.