Availability & Reducing Supply

Here you will find information about the Availability and Reducing Supply work of Bedfordshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team “To reduce the levels of illegal drugs on our streets”, Government target taken from Tackling Drugs – December 2002.

Supply Reduction is a key strand of the Updated Drug Strategy 2002 aiming to tackle supply at every opportunity; internationally, nationally, regionally and locally, to focus on all points in the supply chain. The supply of drugs is identified at three different levels:

  • Level 1 – Street Level – dealing incorporates dealing on the street to dealing from business or residential premises.
  • Level 2 – Middle Market Dealers – typically operate above the level of street dealers but below that of importation
  • Level 3 – International Customs and Excise – take the lead in preventing drugs entering the UK, tackling illicit drugs from source countries to the UK borders. Visit their website for more information.
    To learn more about the Home Office’s Tackling Drugs targets visit the Reducing Supply web link.

Drugs and alcohol also feature as specific targets within the Bedfordshire Police Authority’s Local Strategic Plan and within the Crime Drugs & Anti-Social Behaviour Strategy 2005-08 for North, Mid & South Bedfordshire Crime & Disorder Reduction Partnerships.

B:DAT and its key partners are committed to reducing the availability and supply of illegal drugs in Bedfordshire as well as developing initiatives to tackle the demand for illegal drugs by supporting people “out of crime and into treatment”.

Efforts are made to tackle the negative effects of drug-related crime on Bedfordshires communities by initiatives such as Drug Interventions Programme (DIP) and Drug Rehabilitation Requirement (DRR).These initiatives aim to offer support into treatment for those with drug-dependency who often commit crime such as theft and burglary in order to fund their habit.

Everyone in Bedfordshire can play a role in making their communities safer and reducing drug dealing and associated crime by reporting issues to the Police.

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