“To protect our communities from drug-related crime and anti-social behaviour”. Government target taken from “Tackling Drugs”, December 2002. Here you will find information about how B:DAT is working with North, Mid and South Bedfordshire Community Safety Partnerships, community members, workers, leaders and groups, towards a safer and stronger Bedfordshire.

National Communities Target

The National Strategy has a key target for Communities and aims to reduce the levels of drug-related crime and anti-social behaviour in our communities. You can learn more about the Tackling Drugs targets for Communities at the Home Office.

Local Communities

B:DAT are committed to working with local communities to find local solutions to local drug and alcohol issues and in strengthening the ability of communities to tackle drug and alcohol issues themselves. If you belong to a community group and would like to learn more about drugs and alcohol, or if you’re having an event and would like any B:DAT services to attend please contact B:DAT.

The Guide to Drugs and Alcohol Services in Bedfordshire, the D:Guide, is a booklet that contains what you need to know about commonly misused drugs, drugs and the law, first aid as well as providing details of local drugs and alcohol services. The D:Guide also contains useful information for parents and young people.

For a free download of the D:Guide go to useful documents.To request a printed copy please contact B:DAT

Drugs and alcohol issues can affect anyone at anytime for many different reasons. Whether you are a young person, a parent, a user or just someone who wants to find out more, please contact the Bedfordshire’s Drug & Alcohol Information Line which can offer drugs and alcohol information or put you in touch with a local service that’s appropriate for your needs.

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External National Websites:

  • Home Office – Communities
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