Drug Interventions Programme (DIP)

The Drug Intervention Programme formerly known as CJIP, or Criminal Justice Intervention Programme, is a government initiative, it forms part of the government’s commitment to reduce the effects of drug-related crime on the economy and in the community. The aim of the DIP is to divert drug-misusing offenders ‘Out of Crime and into Treatment.’

Funding has been allocated to DAT partnerships to improve the treatment and support drug – using offenders gain from the point of arrest to beyond sentencing, preventing offenders from slipping through the gaps in the system.
Dip is expected to play a key role in the delivery of the national Prolific and Other Priority Offenders (PPO) schemes in dealing with the drug treatment needs of this offender group and close working arrangements with CDRPs, Police and probation.

At the heart of DIP is partnership working and information sharing between Criminal Justice, treatment and aftercare and Drug Action Teams (DATs).

The other crucial element of DIP is addressing policy and process issues. This includes tightening referral pathways, case management and support structures. Through its DIP Steering Group, B:DAT will examine existing structures, undertake process mapping to identify gaps, capacity issues or training needs etc, agree common procedures between criminal justice and treatment services to improve case management and referral, monitor the numbers of individuals accessing CJ services and their progress through the system.

What Is DIP Trying To Achieve?

  • More individuals accessing treatment through criminal justice routes.
  • More of these individuals successfully completing treatment.
  • Less of these individuals re-offending?- Improved pathways and joint working between agencies to make these two things achievable – e.g. improved through care and aftercare.
  • Find out more about the Drug Interventions Programme/Criminal Justice element of the national strategy.

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