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Families & CarersIf you are worried that your child, a relative or a family member may be using drugs, it’s important that you know what to do and where to get help. Many signs linked to drug use, such as changes in mood, eating and sleeping habits, can also be a natural part of growing up. Although it’s natural to panic and get emotional if you think someone close to you is using drugs, you may find the information here helpful for advice on how to talk to those close to you about drugs.

What Can I Do?

If you are worried that your child, a relative or a family member may be using drugs, you may find this information helpful. It is natural to worry about a child or relative becoming involved with drugs and misusing alcohol. There are many scare stories in the media about drugs, however, it’s important to remember that most young people who experiment with illegal drugs do not continue using them long-term. Similarly, people who use drugs recreationally do not usually suffer any long-term damage to their health.

You may find it useful to learn as much about drugs and alcohol as you can so that you can talk, with knowledge, to you child/relative. Young people often think they know a lot about drugs, however, this information comes from many different sources such as the media and their peers. By equipping yourself with the facts about drugs you may be able to correct some of the misconceptions your child/relative may have.

Talking to a child/relative about drugs and alcohol may be easier if you let them know that your main concern is their health and safety. It may also be helpful to listen to their feelings as well as expressing your own. You don’t have to feel on your own or that a child’s/relatives drug and or alcohol use is your fault. There are other people going through the same thing and there are people and information available to help you. Families, parents and carers can play a vital role in education and prevention and B:DAT are committed to supporting families, parents and carers in Bedfordshire with Bedfordshire’s Specialist Family Support Service.

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